Underwater inspection with ROV and side-scan sonar

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To provide our clients with the best service, we have acquired an ROV and side-scan sonar, thus offering high-performance equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Compact and relatively light, these can be easily transported wherever needed.

ROV underwater robot

The remote operated vehicle (ROV) can be controlled from a distance and move about in small or risky zones.

The ROV is specially designed to reach depths of up to 300 meters.

Thanks to its 750 meters fibre optic cable and ultra performing motors, it is the ideal vehicle to access the interior of pipes that are 450 mm in diameter or more.

This underwater vehicle is remote-controlled from a control station with a PC screen. It is also outfitted with high-tech equipment : Tritech DST Micron side-scan sonar, a laser system measuring a precise distance between two points (50 mm), color video camera, low luminosity black and white video camera, robotic arm, GPS positioning system, thermometer, and depth gauge.

An examination using an ROV is the best method to inspect a confined space, the interior of a pipe, and for deepwater searches since tasks can be carried out in greater safety while minimizing costs.