A wide range of services

Acadian Marine and Diving is a company which offers specialized expertise in underwater work. Holder of a license in its field, their professional services are requested in New Brunswick as well as in foreign countries.

Underwater expertise

  • Maintenance and repair of structures, piers, bridges, water outlets, dams, hydroelectric stations
  • Repair and concrete injection
  • Construction and demolition
  • Installation, inspection and cleanup of underwater pipes
  • Research and salvage
  • Working in a highly contaminated nuclear environment
  • Specialized underwater welding
  • Expertise in underwater structures

Exclusive fields of expretise

Acadian Marine and Diving has developed in the course of the years exclusive fields of expertise that made them a leader in the industry.

Technological development projects

Research and development of new methods of underwater submersion using advanced technology, product concept, and tool design.

Erosion control

Using the technical concepts of the company.

Specialized underwater welding

Using advanced technology process which will meet the standards ANSL-AWS-D3.6.

Nuclear Intervention

Adapting special methods of intervention.

Inspection and ship repair

Overall inspection, maintenance of the components, sealing and repairing while fulfilling the requirements of the classification offices.